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  Tianjin Tianlong Agricultural Science and Technology Co.,Ltd is not only engaged in the industrialization  of new crop breeds research, processing technological researches for agricultural products and   the feed’s biotechnology research, but also a high-tech company which focuses on advanced agricultural project investments. 
Tianlong Agricultural  is one of the first 18 State Science and Technology Commercial Innovation Bases which are approved by the Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Science.
Tianlong Agricultural  is the Tianjin Center of China National Japonica Rice R&D Center. Moreover, Tianjin Science and Technology Committee has approved Tianjin Rice Technology and Engineering Center (TRTEC) as the provincial R&D center.
Tianlong Agricultural  is the Post-Doctoral Research Center which is authorized by Ministry of Personnel. Besides, it is the patent demonstration center which is favorably-supported by Tianjin local government. In addition, the company is the Provincial level base for Science Education and Young Professional trainees.
Tianlong Agricultural  has applied 54 inventions for patents. It takes up numerous key national and local scientific projects. Meanwhile, it is the leader of Hybrid Rice Industry Alliance, the host of the National japonica hybrid research in China's 11th Five-Year Plan, “investment and application of strong and superiority hydride rice” in National High-tech R&D Program (863 Program), and one of the chief supporting units of 20 large-scale, autonomous and innovative schemes and their industrialization.Mr. Yuan Longping is our chief scientist and the director of the Technology Commission while Mr. Xin Shiwen is the chief expert in Biotechnology of the company.
Tianlong Agricultural has an innovative team which is consist of technological innovation, management of production, marketing and other related experts, including 16 Doctors, 6 Masters and 10 Post-doctors.
Tianlong Agricultural has established the hybrid rice technology and innovation strategic alliance, which is authorized by the National Technology Department as the first pilot alliance. Through the multi-levels and all directional co-operation with its members, it does not only speed up the investment of biotechnology industry, but also contribute to the development of Binhai New Area.
The subsidiary companies of Tianlong are Tianjin Tianlong Seed Technology Co., Ltd., Tianjin Jinyu Rice Co., ltd.Tianjin Naer Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.