About us

Tianlong into


Mission of the company

Work close like a family
Initiate the business harmonically
Through our effort, we can create a bright future of green agriculture, develop hybrid rice technology and then benefit to the word base on our seed industry.
Serve the Community
Develop the enterprise
Enhance the quality of the staff
Return to the shareholders

Vision of the company

Pioneering technology
Excellent quality
Outstanding characters
Return to the community
Care about the human being
Contribute to the world

Quality policy
Take lead in the technology
Be superior in quality
Cut above in service

Environmental policy

Prohibit pollution
Pursue environmental protection
Maintain sustainable development

Developmental objectives

To build a world first-class transnational seed industry & the enterprise of processing agricultural products

Human resource policy

We attract experts, then explore excellence and nurture their virtue, as a result, the enterprise blossoms.
Utilize human resource wisely

Our value

Thanksgiving & excellence 

We pursue

Scientific research – We are not satisfied with general knowledge and challenge the unknown.
We emphasize innovation base on the thorough the existing knowledge
Work – We are passionate, ambitious, active and responsible.
We appreciate trust, good communication, team-work and co-operation.
Lifestyle – we are optimistic, positive, honest healthy and charming.
We focus on harmony and love relationships with family.